John Oliver: On coronavirus, rodent is doing an improved job than Trump

John Oliver: On coronavirus, rodent is doing an improved job than Trump

President Donald Trump has become famed, throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, for contradicting the Centers for unwellness management and bar each in words and actions. His latest bungle: He recently came in grips with many world leaders WHO have tested positive for the virus, however he continues to recognize with nearly everybody he meets.

In the past, he is silent that aiming to work once gently sick is OK and he has relied on "hunches" to undercount the quantity of individuals stricken by the unwellness within the U.S. 

Let's face it, says late-night comic John Oliver, the yankee public is on its own once it involves staying safe. And WHO has tested a lot of reliable than the president? A social media rodent. Take a glance at twelve seconds that square measure a lot of academic than Trump in today's better of Late Night, above.

Bill Maher is inquisitive once the unhealthy luck can begin and Samantha Bee points out the issues with occupation the unwellness the "Wuhan virus."
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Note: several of the late-night shows square measure going dark throughout this coronavirus pandemic, which implies that better of Late Night can go dark, too. however we'll be back once the shows square measure new.

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