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About us

And when the first signs of the fifth revival attempt in our modern history with the great January 25th, and our dreams touched the sky after the myth of coexistence and tolerance in liberation, and everyone conceived that the current of closure and extremism retreated from his fanatic sectarian project, the disaster of Atfih bloody and beyond came to reaffirm that the battle of enlightenment and modernization is Basically an intellectual and cultural battle that calls for concerted efforts to resume the project of renaissance and modernity, to confront its enemies from the tides of immobility, extremism and black violence, and to dismantle its intellectual and epistemological structure.

A question we always ask ourselves when people are bored with reading the book. Some of them even considered it an "old fashion" over its time, and from here we present in this list the ten best novels that should be in your library, from books that were popular with the audience when they were released, and achieved high sales percentage, or for its high literary quality, which made them A classic case in the world of culture

Rather, it receives the attention of readers of all ages, as it stems from what is known as the youth literature. All the way to diving deep into contemplative thought, something that prompted readers to draw inspiration from ideas like: “If you want something, The whole world is willing to follow you to fulfill your desire. ”“ People think they know exactly how we should be our lives, but no one knows what it is like to live his life. ”“ If the days are the same, That means that people have stopped realizing the beautiful things that are represented in their lives. ”“ I, like all people, see the world from the perspective of those who want things to happen as they desire, and not as they did in reality. ”“ Between smiling and silence, I realize the most revealing essential part of Language »,“ There is always someone in the world waiting for someone else

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